A Peek at our Secret Gifts

A Peek at our Secret Gifts

Happy Thanksgiving!

As mentioned, we are collaborating with local artists to show our support for local businesses.

Now, it is time to finally unveil the first of our secret gifts:


1. Candi Me

Candi Me is a locally owned San Francisco artisan candy shop where we added 

a modern twist to the traditional hard candy.

Our candies are made with fresh ingredients daily without any preservatives.

With a unique new-age twist, we bring you a broad range of hard candies, marshmallows and fruit jellies.

Using timeless recipes and crafty production methods, you will never have a dull moment with us.




2. Playful Ceramics

We are all made of energy; the energy that creates worlds and connects us all.

Playful Ceramics is a combination of ceramic arts and Reiki, an ancient Japanese energy healing that taps into this universal force.

Each piece is infused with Reiki and becomes a beacon of energy and provides healing energy for all those who interact with it.

I also like to keep things silly because “it’s sacred, not serious!”









Happy Holidays!