About Us

"The fashion industry people are around me everyday. I watch them pop out from taxis and rush into castings, dump their quick bites and jump up to the runways. They are living extremely challenging lives, but not many clothes are designed for them. I want to design for them and for myself" -- Joanne

Mute by JL is a contemporary woman's apparel line based in San Francisco, founded by Joanne Lu in 2015. After ten years working in the global fashion industry, Joanne decided to create a label for independent, fashion-minded female professionals, who want to sport an easy and comfortably chic look while switching between both work and off-duty modes.

The label 'Mute' lends a sense of calm and focus- being able to turn off external noise in your mind and focus on what you want to accomplish. Joanne believes comfortable, expertly tailored pieces made from the best materials have the power to change how we feel and improve the way we work.

To this day, Mute by JL remains a small self-funded operation dedicated to empowering women with designer apparel that is versatile, sophisticated, and easy to wear. Mute by JL was also created with deep appreciation for craftsmanship and sustainability, using materials that are low impact, recycled and partially compostable.